TWO new styles are here!


Just like the Original Pocket Tote, the LARGE and CROSSBODY Pocket Tote bags both have six internal pockets for organising all the things. But there are a few differences – so here is a simple breakdown of the three styles:






Medium: centre compartment will fit an iPad/small laptop, or lunch bag.

Large! Room for a laptop, jacket, multiple towels, wetsuit, picnic rug.

Smaller tote, perfect for days when you don't need to bring ALL the things.


Six medium sized pockets, roomy enough for a water bottle (or two small ones), a large wallet and phone, a couple of nappies.

Six large pockets, roomy enough for multiple drink bottles, spare clothes, food.

Four medium sized pockets, and two smaller pockets (fits an iPhone).


Two comfy straps, suitable for over the should, elbow nook, or handheld.

Two longer and wider straps.

One large, extra wide, and long strap.


Work, gym, beach, baby/kids, everyday, market/shopping

Beach, baby/kids bag, work, picnics, overnight.

Work, running errands, out for lunch, small baby bag.







100% 16oz cotton canvas

16oz canvas, 70% cotton 30% polyester blend

100% 16oz cotton canvas


W 35cm X H 32cm X L 15cm

W 40cm X H 36cm X L 16cm

W 30cm X H 28cm X L 11cm


L 70cm X W 2.5cm

L 84cm X W 3.7cm

L 105cm X W 6cm



About the Pocket Tote:
The idea for the Pocket Tote was inspired by a “nappy bag” – they have SO many handy pockets! But you can’t really use a nappy bag as a work/gym/beach bag…

The Pocket Tote has six internal pockets (proper pockets), and a centre compartment. They are canvas, sturdy and durable. The casual style ensures it is versatile and practical for everyday use.

The pockets help to organise all the various things you need (or may not need) throughout the day, not to mention they keep your water bottles upright! Packing your bag and getting out the door is SO much easier with pockets – you can do a quick check of the things you have packed, without rummaging around your bag.

Pockets help to make life a little bit easier, simply.

July 31, 2022 — Meghan Cordell