Pocket Labels - IMAGES


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Sew on labels for your pockets!

A little extra help to organise and find all the things.


  • Material: Luxe velvet
  • Size: 2cm X 3cm – varies slightly depending on the image
  • Easily sew them on yourself to your pocket of choice
  • Machine washable

We hear you! Sometimes you can’t remember which pocket you have put your keys (etc.) in, or YOU remember but your partner/friend/child “can’t find it”. So here is a little something to help you (or your partner/friend/child) find the things… LABELS! Beautiful, simple labels, that will only take you a couple of stitches to sew on.

Each label has three pre-cut holes to make it easier for you to sew them on yourself – we recommend using the bag a couple of times to work out which pocket works best for your labels.

The labels are made by the talented Little Design Studio, check them out here: www.etsy.com/au/shop/littledesignstudio


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