The Everyday and Large Zip Top Pocket Totes have had a little upgrade to make them even better (is that even possible?)


These bestsellers now have cotton piping edging to help give it a bit more structure and style, AND a loop to attach an adjustable strap to convert it to a crossbody bag (if you want to!).

The adjustable AND detachable strap lets you change up the classic tote style by adding a strap to wear it short over the shoulder, or long and crossbody. You can mix and match colours – use one colour for all your totes, or match up the colours (e.g Washed Black tote with a Black strap). We have created this as an optional add-on product because we wanted to give you the choice, some people are happy with their classic totes!

The cotton piping edging was added to make the bag a little sturdier and help to give it more structure. It’s just a bonus that it also looks so good!


No more bottomless pit

You’ll soon realise that your Pocket Tote is not just a bag, it’s a trusty assistant who helps you get things organised. No more sifting through stuff, blindly trying to find the right water bottle, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, headphones, wipes or the keys you can hear jingling but can never seem to put your hand on. 

What started out in life as a nappy bag is now a life-changing essential. We’re so proud that people love our pocket totes!


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January 05, 2024 — Meghan Cordell