The new and improved ultimate everyday Pocket Tote… WITH A ZIP!

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The new and improved ultimate everyday Pocket Tote… WITH A ZIP!

We have updated our sell-out original pocket tote style – see below for a summary of the changes (or read more here), and we are also introducing a version of this with a zip top!

A zip top closure was the most requested addition! Sorry it took so long, we wanted to make sure the design was right and that it didn’t interfere with functionality of the pockets.

To start, only the Everyday Pocket Tote will come in a zip top version, and then next year more styles will become available with a zip top.

Summary of the updates:

  • The size of the bag and pockets are the same
  • Wider and longer straps
  • A pocket label
  • New name


Available colours:

The best-sellers are back!

  • FOREST: This is the fourth restock of the Forest green, and it’s pretty obvious why this colour is loved SO much.
  • DUSTY ROSE: Of all the colours that we have released, this is the FASTED to sell out. It’s soft and beautiful, and an easy colour to add to your outfit.
  • WASHED BLACK: An effortless, casual, everyday colour (a personal favourite – can you tell?).

New colours:

  • CAMEL: A warm neutral, creamy beige. This is set to be HUGE!
  • LAVENDER: A bright pop of colour, just in time for summer (should this have been named Lavender Haze?).
  • OCEAN BLUE: A washed back version of the Cobalt blue (yes, THAT blue that you’re seeing everywhere).


Shop the ZIP TOP Everyday Pocket Tote here!

Or if you’re not a fan of a zip – check out the Everyday Pocket Tote here.




The new and improved Everyday Pocket Tote – with a zip top!
A medium sized zip top tote bag with six internal pockets for organising all the things, in a casual and understated style for those who like to keep it simple.

Key features:

  • SIX large internal pockets
  • Zip top
  • Comfortable straps x2
  • Sturdy, versatile and practical
  • Casual, understated and life-friendly design and colours
  • Perfect for work/beach/parent-life/everyday


  • 100% cotton 16oz canvas
  • Bag measurements: 35cm X 32cm X 16cm
  • Strap measurements: L 70cm X W 2.5cm

What's new?
Apart from the much anticipated zip top, this updated style has longer and wider straps, and a label on one of the pockets - keep your essentials in here, so you know which pocket to look in!


About the Pocket Tote:
The idea for the Pocket Tote was inspired by a “nappy bag” – they have SO many handy pockets! But you can’t really use a nappy bag as a work/gym/beach bag…

The Zip Top Everyday Pocket Tote has six large internal pockets (proper pockets), and a roomy centre compartment. It is 100% cotton canvas, sturdy and durable. The casual style ensures it is versatile and practical for everyday use – be it work, taking the kids to the playground, or going to the gym.

The pockets help to organise all the various things you need (or may not need) throughout the day, not to mention they keep your water bottles upright! Packing your bag and getting out the door is SO much easier with pockets – you can do a quick check of the things you have packed, without rummaging around your bag.

Pockets help to make life a little bit easier, simply.