We got so much great feedback about our original tote bag, but there was one popular request – pleeeeazzze add a zip. Brilliant idea and here it is. 

We’re always looking for ways to make our totes even better so when lots of customers requested a tote with a zip, we got to work. Sorry it took so long. We wanted to make sure the design was right, and that it didn’t interfere with functionality of the pockets.


To start, only the Everyday Pocket Tote will come in a zip top version, and then next year more styles will become available.


Wider and longer straps:

The straps are now a little bit longer and wider (so, so comfortable!!). That means it’s not only easier to wear, it also allows you much better access to what’s inside, (especially if you’re like me and you’re only using one hand because the other one is full of things or kids!).

We had some feedback that a slightly longer strap is more user friendly for guys to use too, so this little update can be great for anyone with long arms and/or broad shoulders.


A pocket label

What a great idea. One of the pockets now has a label on it so you can make it a dedicated space for essentials like keys, phone etc. If you always keep your most important stuff in the pocket with the label, then you’ll know exactly where to look for them when you need them.



Available colours

The best-sellers are back!

FOREST: This is the fourth restock of the Forest green and it’s pretty obvious why this colour is loved sooo much.

DUSTY ROSE: Of all the colours that we have released, this is the fastest to sell out. It’s soft and beautiful –  and an easy colour to add to your outfit.

WASHED BLACK: An effortless, casual, everyday colour (A personal favourite – can you tell?)


New colours!

CAMEL: A warm neutral, creamy beige. This is set to be HUGE!

LAVENDER: A bright pop of colour, just in time for summer (should this have been named Lavender Haze?).

OCEAN BLUE: A washed back version of the Cobalt blue (yes, THAT blue that you’re seeing everywhere).



What you’ll love:

  • SIX large internal pockets
  • Zip top
  • TWO wide, comfortable straps
  • Sturdy, versatile, washable and practical
  • Casual, understated and life-friendly design and colours
  • Perfect for work/beach/parent-life/everyday



  • 100% cotton 16oz canvas
  • Bag measurements: 35cm X 32cm X 16cm
  • Strap measurements: L 70cm X W 2.5cm


No more bottomless pit


You’ll soon realise that your Pocket Tote is not just a bag, it’s a trusty assistant who helps you get things organised. No more sifting through stuff, blindly trying to find the right water bottle, sunscreen, hand sanitiser, headphones, wipes or the keys you can hear jingling but can never seem to put your hand on. 


What started out in life as a nappy bag is now a life-changing essential. We’re so proud that people love our pocket totes!

November 10, 2022 — Meghan Cordell