What’s the secret to feeling organised? POCKETS!

A bag with pockets can help your everyday life feel a little bit organised, with minimal effort. Packing your bag (be it for work, the gym or beach, or a baby-bag) is made simpler because you can see what you’ve packed and tick off that mental checklist (phone, wallet, water, hats, sunscreen etc etc etc) with a glance. A bag with pockets also makes it easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re out and about, without having to rummage through the entire contents of your bag.

A bag with pockets in it is an absolute game-changer – here’s some great reviews from some very happy customers:

 “This bigger version is amazing. Love it thanks so much. Also love my smaller ones but this is the best for a whole day out can fit so much! Or an overnighter! And the thick straps are so good too!!! Argh amazing thanks!” - Ellie

“I love the colour of this bag and the size. The handle straps are wide and sturdy. I was sick of wasting time trying to rummage through a tote trying to find what I wanted. This is a brilliant teacher bag - holds all my work stuff and personal items and I can find them quickly. Wide shoulder straps don't cut in when you are carrying a tonne... which every teacher/Mum does. Great quality and very happy with the price. Thanks!” – Tracy


“I’m always on the move and the Array bag has been my go-to back every time I’m going to the beach with my dog! The inner pockets are unbelievably spacious, I’ve never seen anything like this bag before. I love it so much that I’m looking forward to purchasing ones to gift to my friends and to myself also. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something that can be easily matched with any outfits, whether you’re going to work, to the beach, to the malls, or if you just want to keep your stuffs organised, it’s the perfect bag for you!” – Mel


“As a teacher I love my Musk Array bag at work as it keeps everything I need organized and tidy. From folders, books, pens and a laptop to my lunch bag and drink bottle, everything has a place. I don't even lose my keys anymore as they just get tucked neatly into one of the super handy pockets.A great bag all round. Will definitely buy again!” – Holly


“Love my 4 array bags they are the best. The colour of the forest is so versatile and goes with everything. As a busy grandmother the pockets are brilliant and nothing gets lost. Can’t wait to get the blue one 😍” – Sally

“I bought this as a handy shopping bag, but it was immediately borrowed by my partner and adopted as their perfect gym bag haha the quality is great and it’s so useful I’ll be buying another one for myself.” – Susan

“This bag is hands down fantastic! It makes rifling through your bag a thing of the past. It’s so handy, comfortable and I love the look of it.” – Clare


October 26, 2022 — Meghan Cordell